What would it cost you to read all the newspapers, magazines, newsletters and periodicals we read?  Excellent question!

We figure it takes the average PR person 1/2 an hour to read the newspaper in search for articles about clients (we know, we’ve asked).  But, you see, we read 176 publications.  Now we don’t get them all in one day; 16 are dailies, 48 come monthly and we read 112 weeklies.

At a half hour per publication… well it’s a lot.  If you paid minimum wages to a person, you would save money… if that person only read the Union-Tribune.

One person reading one publication a day saves you $80 over one month compared to to our fee for Print Media Management.  But then there’s the subscription, the cost for scissors, glue, copies and soap — clipping articles is a dirty business and, again, it’s just one paper.

No, if you paid one person minimum wage to real all of our publications, we do it for exactly $5,888.00 per month.

Don’t believe it?  We did the math.  Download the proof here: Do-it-yourself Cost Comparison

And let’s not even talk about how good a minimum wage earner will be reading 176 publications (seven of them in Spanish), from Orange County to San Diego to Baja…


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