Who are these people, what do they do and whom can I call (or e-mail) with a specific concern?  Good question!  Here’s a list:

Keith Kormburger, President and CEO

Keith programmed the portal and all its components.  And he’s the one who wants to come and show you how to use it!

E-mail him at keith@imsquared.com, or call 858-384-7111×111.


Sandy Hotchkiss, Director of Client Services

Sandy handles contracts, billing, keywords and makes our clients happy.  E-mail her at sandy@imsquared.com or call 858-384-7111×112.


Kevin Six, Media Strategist

We’re still trying to figure out what Kevin does but, if you’re reading it, he’s going to claim it.  Kevin is involved in social media, customer education and sales.  E-mail him at kevin@imsquared.com or call 858-384-7111×113.


Chris Fonseca, Media Production Manager

Chris locates, manipulates and integrates all publications into the various software that allow us to get you articles.  If there’s a paper that’s late, Chris knows why.  -mail him at chris@imsquared.com or call 858-384-7111×114


NORMA, News Monitoring Robotic Media Assistant

Who can forget the tale of a boy and his robot?  Read it here.


SAM, Scans All Media

Sometimes newspapers need to go through SAM to be turned into the electronic data that NORMA and the rest of the staff can use.  SAM loves collecting funny headlines and photos from newspapers and magazines.  If you saw one on our Facebook page, SAM found it.  You should see his collection of historic newspaper front pages!


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